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January 2010

TEFAF: bigger and better than ever before

Every true art lover should experience TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s most influential art and antiques fair. The Maastricht fair has become the art event of the year. A record number of 263 exhibitors from seventeen countries, including China and Uruguay, will be there. TEFAF runs from 12-21 March at the MECC (Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre) in Maastricht, Netherlands. More information
TEFAF on Paper

TEFAF on Paper is a new initiative devoted entirely to Old Master and modern drawings, limited edition prints, photographs, antiquarian books and manuscripts, Japanese prints and watercolours. The new section will host nineteen international specialists from eight countries, most of them first-time exhibitors. More information
TEFAF Design

TEFAF Design made its first appearance in 2008. Philippe Denys, one of the nine exhibitors, said. ‘TEFAF Design was very successful at the 2009 Fair, it brought a new spirit to TEFAF and new clients who approach the art and antiques market differently.’ TEFAF Design will exhibit works by some of the greatest names in the history of design, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Otto Wagner and Lucio Fontana. More information
TEFAF Showcase

Now in its third year, TEFAF Showcase offers emerging galleries the opportunity to take part in the Fair on a strictly once-only basis. In 2010 TEFAF will introduce Humphrey Butler (antique jewellery), Dierk Dierking (African art), Pierre-Marie Giraud (contemporary ceramics and glass), Nomos (coins and medals), Hidde van Seggelen (contemporary art) and Pekin Fine Arts (contemporary Chinese art). More information
TEFAF supports cancer research

Throughout the world 7.9 million people die of cancer every year, often at an early age. TEFAF is keen to support cancer research and has been funding the TEFAF Oncology Chair at Maastricht University Medical Centre since 2005. The research has proved successful. For example, Dr Manon van Engeland and her team have found a way to detect colon cancer at an early stage, and this may reduce deaths by 15 to 30%. More information
Art, more than an asset

TEFAF shares its view of art as more than an asset with its principal sponsor, AXA Art. Their partnership provides art collectors with unique expertise covering the full range of risk prevention, conservation, recovery and restoration, so that they can maintain their collections in the best possible condition.

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